Final Fantasy XIV Best Mog Station Store Items

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Final Fantasy XIV after its release on 2010 was a massive success. It is an online multiplayer game. First released on Microsoft Windows, which is developed and published by Square Enix.  Player can collect gear, mounts and mony more in the Final Fantasy XIV Game.  Mog Station Online Store is where you can get some of the coolest stuff you can get in the game. These items does cost actual money and can’t be obtained in other places. Here are the best items to spend your money on in Final Fantasy XIV’s Mog Station store.

Cruise Chaser Mount

The Cruise Chaser mount is great if you feel like sitting on top of a giant mech and flying around Eorzea. It is similar to the mech from the Alexander Raid Series where it appears as one of the bosses in the last set of challenges. This mount will cost you $30 but the good part is it’s account wide. Hence, you will only need to purchase it once for all of your characters- a two-person mount so you and a friend can ride together.

final fantasy XIV, in Final Fantasy XIV Mog Station store, What is a Phial of Fantasia, Phial of Fantasia , Play Dead Emote, Jet Black Dye FFXIV, Alphinaud’s Attire in FFXIV, freerewards,

Phial of Fantasia

What is a Phial of Fantasia? The Phial of Fantasia grants you an opportunity to edit your character’s appearance in the character creation screen when you login next time. You can change some features like race, gender, appearance, date of birth, and guardian. It’s the only way that lets you change most of your appearance for your character, except for hairstyles and colors. But don’t worry it can be done by the Aesthetician. If you finish the A Realm Reborn main scenario you will be granted a free chance to change the hairstyle and color, but after you use it they will cost $10 a pop at the Mog Station store.

Emote: Play Dead

Final Fantasy XIV lets you lie spread eagle on your back for which you’ll need to Play Dead Emote that can be purchased from the Mog Station store for $7. If you have to know about this emote and why it’s so popular, just visit Limsa Lominsa on a Friday night. Just play dead, for fun and shock your friends. Don’t think that you only have to die in the battlefield. Use this technique for pretending death to shock wave your friends or setup amusing photos. Every race and gender has a unique way of passing on, so try them with your friends and let be stupid in the game.

Alphinaud’s Attire

The Alphinaud’s Attire in FFXIV costume and hairstyle from his costume change in Endwalker are sure to catch many fans’ eyes. His haters can dress up as him and commit crimes to defame his good name but don’t do it, Alphinaud is only seventeen years old. This set of clothes and hairstyle will cost $15.00 at the Mog Station store and is given a new outfit that resembles the one he was given in Heavensward. It is more simplified and more armored and his iconic Arcanist tome changes to a wooden tome.

Lunar Whale Mount

This mount is one of the craziest mounts in FFXIV because not only is it a giant whale that has jet propulsion on it, but it can as many as eight people in a single ride. This means your entire party is able to cruise together in style on a giant whale. The Lunar Whale cost you $42 from the Mog Station store, but the style is unrivaled.

Ten Pots of Jet Black Dye

Jet Black Dye is something you can get all over FFXIV from vendors to the Market Board there is a huge number of different colored dyes around. Jet Black Dye being extremely popular for different Glamour sets, a good-looking color set will cost you $7.50 for ten uses. The easiest yet most costly way to get Jet Black Dye is by directly purchasing it from the online store with real money which I won’t recommend. For ten pots of dye, it is typically gonna cost $7.50, with one pot of dye costing $1.

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