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Bob, the first of his name, returned to his kingdom after a journey visiting the Piggy King, only to find that his beloved home had been attacked. Dice Dreams Free Rolls And Spins is what we need to get the game roll smoothly. If you have one you get the other- Dice Dreams free coins to build your ruined kingdom. Dice Dreams Free Rolls.

As the castle has been destroyed brave Bob decided to roll the dice and clash his enemies head on. So he brought his fellow peons together, and they went on an adventure to rebuild his lost kingdom, get revenge and once again become the Kings of the magical dice board.
Here you help Bob and his friends on their quest to win back their throne as the Dice Dreams Kings. A very cute game with cute characters where you will travel through Peon Islands and other dreamy boards, and bring them back to glory.

This is a free to play game that can be enjoyed with your friends. Dice Dreams apk. Join the fun game with players around the world and play with your social network circle by inviting your facebook friends. Even steal from your friends’ boards & collect numerous Dice Dreams Free coins.

Today Dice Dreams free Rolls

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1. Dice Dream Free 50 Rolls 19.6.24

3. Dice Dream Free 25 Rolls 18.6.24

2. Dice Dream Free 60 Rolls 18.6.24

1. Dice Dream Free 120000 Coins 18.6.24

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17.6.24- Dice dream free dice links

3. Dice Dream Free 20 Rolls 17.6.24

2. Dice Dream Free 50 Rolls 17.6.24

1. Dice Dream Free 25 Rolls 17.6.24

3. Dice Dream Free 80 Rolls 17.6.24

2. Dice Dream Free 25 Spins 16.6.24

1. Dice Dream Free 25 Spins 16.6.24

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15.6.24- Dice dream free dice links

2. Dice Dream Free 50 Rolls 15.6.24

1. Dice Dream Free 20 Spins 15.6.24

1. Dice Dream Free 50 Rolls 14.6.24

3. Dice Dream Free 1400000 coins 13.6.24

2. Dice Dream Free 25 Rolls 13.6.24

1. Dice Dream Free 50 Rolls 13.6.24

Dice Dreams Free Spins and Coins

So how to play Dice Dreams? Simply tap on the board to roll the dice on the board, and when the three dice will have the same face you get rewarded. Win Dice Dreams Golden Coins & collect Dice Dreams gems to build your kingdom After you’ve enough Dice Dreams free coins tap on the ‘Hammer’ icon at the bottom right corner that will take you to your kingdom. Tap on the below Castle, King Statue and other structures that you want to build and upgrade them.

The rewards that you receive includes Attacking and Stealing other kingdoms. To Attack you’ll be taken to a random player’s kingdom where you can attack by aiming your slingshot at any structure you want to attack and earn Dice Dreams Golden Coins. Similarly Stealing involves visiting a random kingdom and throwing dice on their board and claiming free coins.

Dice Dreams Free Rolls

Once you’ve build and has upgraded a structure completely, say the King Statue you will instantly earn a good amount of Dice Dreams free rolls & dice. It means the more dice you earn the more Dice Dreams free rolls you get. That means your chances of rolling the dice is more and with three dices with same faces you earn more Dice Dreams free rewards. Very easy isn’t it?

Game Features
  1. Attack and Steal from other Kingdoms and build your own.
  2. Attack your enemies- your social network friends. Therefore, Just aim your slingshot, and fire and loot away gold coins.
  3. So, Earn free gold through stealing from other kingdoms by rolling dices and making their treasure yours.
  4.  And Get revenge on those who attacked your Kingdom and climb to be the winner.

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