Evony The King’s Return Tips

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Evony The King’s Return is a real-time strategy MMO mixed game with a one-touch puzzler. Brought to you by TG Inc. this game is available on Android, Adobe Flash, Adobe Flash Player & Web browser. Very simple, small size game that lets you solve puzzles; great way to kill time. Here you are a warrior/diplomat who has to construct &/or upgrade new buildings. This is about Evony The King’s Return tips that will help you to know everything about the gameplay.

The aim is to continuously build, upgrade, research, and expand the kingdom in order to become the most powerful force among all the empires. But as you expand your empire hastily it draws the enemies’ attention. So having an alliance is so important to protect your empire. There are battles, dangers, wild beasts & other challenges as you send out troops for raids, battles, and to gather supplies to win the levels.
FUN PART: At the start, you get to choose a leader from one of seven regions- Japan, America, Russia, Korea, Europe, Arabic, and China each with their own unique bonuses. Sounds fun already, isn’t it?

Evony The King’s Return Tips

Learn Evony game strategy. There’s always a time period within which you are to construct buildings, upgrade existing ones, or launch attacks on a group of robbers outside your city. So, you need to spend your gems to skip the timers. The most active way of skipping wait timers is to store as many speedups as possible.

How to store  Evony Speedups?
  • Each day, you get to collect Evony rewards from the event center- either participate in the events or upgrade your castle to a certain level. You can also check the daily log-in bonuses in the event center. You can collect some speedups from there.
  • On completing one-touch puzzles, you have a chance of being rewarded with speedups. When you complete a certain number of puzzles, the game lets you collect some speedups from the reward chest at the bottom of the screen.
  • Trading your gems for speedups in the shop is also possible. The cost is 50 gems per 15-minute speedup. But I won’t recommend you spend your money. Unless you are that desperate, then you can buy some speedups directly.
  • The best way is to complete the quests. It rewards you with a good number of speedups. Although they speed up a smaller amount of time but hey, by doing so you can easily stockpile lots of small speedups to use later. A good Evony game tips isn’t it?
  • Inviting friends can also get you speedups. Ten friends = 53 sixty-minute speedups. If your friends have made it to level 20, you earn 53 sixty-minute speedups, & 53 one-hour speedups for researching new technologies.

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Other Evony The King’s Return tips include your supplies. Collect chests, bags, and boxes full of supplies as you play. Open them up to claim them. You even get stones, lumber, grains & more.

Making friends as you play is important. Playing Evony with experienced players can save you numerous hours and gems spent upgrading the wrong things. You learn a lot this way.

In Evony The King’s Return, you can recruit generals from the tavern for a substantial price. However, the top general is very useful than a common general. The sad part, getting top general, being vital is extremely rare.

Explore the world of the Evony game. Always looking around the maps for stone, lumber, and food to raid is a good habit for players. There often awaits unique surprises, so keep looking.

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