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Angry Birds Dream Blast tips Angry Birds Dream Blast is another bubble-match game from Rovio that originally brought Angry Birds game. It ranks 9th in puzzle games & is available on both Android & iOS. It’s a fun blast game with over 5000 fun levels where you have to match colorful bubbles & unleash powerful blasts when the bubbles match.

Are you looking for Angry Birds Dream Blast tips? The game is made attractive with colorful animations of your favorite angry bird’s characters. You can team up with your friends as you can get help along the way. Although said to be easy some levels get hard & that’s where the challenge lies.

Complete Challenges

Playing challenges does make the game more exciting. You can unlock new Angry Birds avatars by completing these challenges. Try to complete 10 stages per day as you can acquire the experience points you need in order to level up. By completing the 10th, 20th, 30th stages of your daily play session, you will get an extra gift box. Maintaining this daily routine helps you place high during a Chuck Challenge and win you the coins and boosters you need.

There’s Joining Bonus

As you open the game every day, you get a joining bonus. These are free lives that the Angry Birds Dream Blast gives you to motivate your gameplay & keep things interesting. You can use these Angry Birds Dream Blast free lives to play different challenges.

Activate Boosters

There are 3 power boosters Shooting Star, Slingshot, and Shuffle. The Shooting star should be used to clear out any bubbles that need to be emptied when you have five moves or any moves left remaining to finish a stage. The Slingshot is useful when you need to clear out any bothersome stage obstacles that are blocking your progress when you don’t have many moves left. And the Shuffle power-up is useful when you need to create a better bubble matching opportunity if you can’t find one within your current stage situation. So combine these moves to get to your goal quicker.

Unlimited Hearts

The best reward you can receive is the Angry Birds Unlimited Heart power-up. It lets you retry a stage numerous times you want before it runs out. Once you gain Angry Birds Unlimited Heart retry, take advantage of it by playing as much as possible.  You’ll have a better chance at completing tough stages if you have the unlimited retries, required to play it over and over until you beat it. This power-up is very helpful while playing the daily routine of bashing out 10 stages every time you log in.

Bonus Tips

You have only a certain number of moves to play so it’s always best to analyze your next move. Look for big matches at every turn. Try to make your matches by popping at least 3 bubbles. Completing your turn with few moves left should be your goal because it helps you to acquire more power-ups.

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