Treasure Of Nadia Complete Walkthrough

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Treasure of Nadia is a very popular erotic game and in this article we will guide you about the Treasure of Nadia Complete Walkthrough . Treasurer of Nadia is an adult game that delivers a sensual experience including 12 lovely ladies that you will meet as you experience the wildernesses looking for antiquities to become successful in the fortune-hunting world. Get Treasure of Nadia mod apk.

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough – v 03111 (1/2)
  • Follow the prompts > meet Diana in Library
  • Visit Estero Key, and then back to Home, then to Estero Park. Here you have to get the Stone Talisman, and give it to Diana
  • From now on you can collect talismans at the park to get some money
  • Visit the lighthouse and talk to Albert, and then go to Full Mast Bar to get some Liquor (Dark Rum)
  • Pick up the key (left) at Bar, and take the ID to Janet’s Home where you will need the key (bar) to open the door on the second floor. Find the key in the middle of the room and when you get the id, give it to Tasha (bar)
  • Give the Dark Rum to Albert at lighthouse and get the binoculars in return
  • Use the binoculars on the beach and use them again in Estero key to get 1 Naomi’s heart
  • Meet the girls in Cape Vedra, go to Doctor’s office (talk to the administration), to the church and to the Squallmart
  • Sell the talismans to Diana. Go to the parlor and receive a massage ($30)
  • Visit Estero Park and look for more talismans
Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough – v 03111 (2/2)
  • Talk to Sophia in Mansion
  • Ask Janet about Sophia at Janet’s house
  • Visit Kaley’s room, interact through the window and use the binoculars, then take the empty bottle.
  • Talk to Alia at Estero Key twice to receive the Unknown treasure
  • Show the Talisman to Diana, then go back with Alia and receive 1 Alia’s Heart
  • Get the chest key from Estero Park > Left, there is also one page to collect
  • Talk to Ash at Squallmart
  • Buy the basic walkway for $10, basic fence for $30 and garden flowers for $20, use them in your house, and call Alia
  • Buy a book for $60 in SquallMart and study
  • Find the Jade Talisman at Estero Park and give it to Pricia at Parlor
  • Buy an outfit for Alia at Store

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V06112 – Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough
  • Visit Estero Park and follow the 2 guys (left), go upstairs and take the chest key
  • Look for the Small Screwdriver at the east of the park, inside the cave
  • Buy Health Insurance for $60 at SqualMart and give it to the administrator at Doctor’s office
  • Get out > talk to Ash
  • Visit Janet’s house, wait until she leaves, then get inside, climb the stairs, go to the bathroom and enjoy (+1 Kaley’s heart)
  • Open Janet’s bedroom door with the small screwdriver and get the erotic book
  • Visit library and ask Diana about the book
  • Take the book named “A Sinful Affair”, talk to Naomi outside and give her the book
  • Buy the drink “Sex on the beach” at Full Mast Bar, and give it to Naomi (+1 heart)
  • Visit church, carry the church key, open the chest, and take the page and give the key to Ash and get the photo
  • Buy an outfit for $400 for Naomi and garden plants ($200)
  • Call Alia
V-09121 – Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough
  • Talk to Alia at Estero Park and take the Shovel Shaft and follow Clare into the cave and enjoy the scene
  • From here on you can use the native shrine, offer items and try to receive better items in return
  • Talk to Emily at Squallmart and also buy the Shiovel Head for $80
  • Go to the Parlor > Backyard > take the money from the guy and the shovel handle
  • Give money to Emily (+1 heart)
  • Talk to Diana at library and to Ash (it requires $250 for 1 photo)
  • Sell Stone Talisman to the girl on beach. If throwaway her offer = $900
  • Diana needs a high-powered magnet at Doctor’s office
  • Click on the bird in parking, take the MRI Room Key inside, take the chest key and the high-powered magnet (left room)
  • Give high-powered magnet to Diana (+1 heart)
  • Open the chest in the cave then in Native Shrine use Jade Talisman, Shovel Shaft, Shovel Head and Shovel Handle. Receive: Jade Shovel
  • Show Pricia the silver talisman. If you don’t have it, get it from the Native Shrine – use Silver Ore and 3 Stone Talisman, and receive: Silver Talisman
  • Buy an outfit for $400 for Emily, also buy the Discount Sofa for $1,000 and call her
V.11122 – Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough
  • Follow Alia> Estero Key
  • Buy lighter and a Pipe Wrench both for $80 in Squallmart
  • Use the lighter with Alia at Estero Key enjoy the scene and pick up the talismans
  • Use the Pipe Wrench to break 3 vases in Library outside, Full Mast Bar outside and light house outside
  • Visit Full Mast Bar, go upstairs and fix the pipe with the pipe wrench and open the chest with the chest key inside the vase of the Libary
  • Go downstairs, and enjoy the scene
  • Then talk to the man outside the Library, then to Ash in Squallmart, go back to the library and talk to Ash again in Squallmart
  • Follow Kaley to Janet’s home and enjoy the scene
V-14011 – Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough
  • Get the Broken Camera in Library, the Silver Talisman and also the Church Key
  • Open the door (lower left corner) with the church key in Church and talk to Madalyn. Take the Chamber Key. Use it in the other room.
  • Go to the left, and to the left again, to find a Ginseng Plant in Estero Park, a crafting recipe, and also a circle
  • In Circle & Fire activate four fires to activate the circle where 2 fires are in the church (before the chamber’s door) and 2 in the Estero park (1 in the cave and the last one to the right from the circle). Now light the 4 fires and come back to the circle to get 1 new Kam page.
  • At Doctor’s office eat the ginseng plant and visit the doctor for $140, enjoy the scene and click on the closet and take the Camera base and the Loose screws from the left room
  • At Tasha minigame wait until she doesn’t look at you and click on the second choice until you win and receive the reward
  • At Cave Native Shrine: Small screwdriver, Broken Camera, Camera base and also Loose Screws
  • Give the camera to Ash in Squallmart, and meet him again in Church
  • At Squallmart buy everything cheaper than $2,000, also the new outfit and the metal detector followed by calling Tasha and enjoy the new scene
V.16012 – Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough
  • At Church talk to Ash, then go to Squallmart
  • At Estero Park go far left. Follow Clare. Collect Philweed, Cockroaches and the Ginseng Plant. Finally give Philweed & ginseng plant to Emily
  • At Lighthouse talk to Diana (Library), then visit Lighthouse, and get the talisman (break the left vase). Interact with the chest and the hint of the basement and find the key in the beach (lower left corner) and open the chest to get a new page.
  • At Squallmart talk to Ash. Visit library and put the roaches in a box. Buy the suncrean in squallmart and talk to Diana in Beach. Talk to Diana in Library, climb the stairs of Library and buy the photo
V19021 – Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough
  • At Squallmart Talk to Pricia and Emily, then go to the parlor in backyard. Plant a ginseng plant in Pricia’s garden that you can find ginseng in Estero Park, and visit Parlor to talk with Pricia
  • At Library take the ginseng plant (outside – lower left corner), you can sell it to Pricia for $250
  • At Janet’s home in backyard, then living room, talk to Janet and Naomi. Go to kitchen, get some iced tea from refrigerator then go upstairs to Janet’s room and take alcohol (nightstand) and also Shoelaces (bathroom). Give alcohol to Naomi and Janet, watch the scene and go to Kaley’s room.
  • At Lighthouse get a photo in Squallmart, go to the lighthouse > Basement, talk to Albert twice. Take the damaged boots, the crating page, and open the chest ( password 684)
  • Buy Shoe Glue in Squallmart. Find the crafting page in Full Mast Bar in Men’s room
  • Cave (crafting): The recipe for the Stompin Boots is Leather Gloves + Damaged Boots + Shoelaces + Shoe Glue. The Stompin Boots lets you pass by poisonous insects
  • At Full Mast Bar take the Carbon Shovel Shaft and also the Chest Key
  • At Estero Park go where the scorpions were. Carry the Ultra Shovel Handle, a crafting page and also the Golden Talisman. To open the chest you have to buy Antacid Tablet from squallmart and give it to the goose
  • To complete this update you need to talk to Diana in library. Buy the outfit for Pricia from squallmart and invite her (requires Curtains $2,500) and also Yard Trees $4,000)

Hope this Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough could help you to better your gaming experience.

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