The Best Video Games For Animal Lovers

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There’s endless inspiration to be found in the animal kingdom, which might be why there are so many video games that put animals in front and center. We’re going to look at some of the very best out there, making sure there are options for all different kinds of consoles. So, whether you’re a PC gamer with thirty minutes to spare, you’ve got a dedicated console and you’re after an all-night gaming binge, or you’ve only got your mobile and five minutes until you get to work, we’ve got an animal-based game to suit you perfectly.

Golden Buffalo – Windows, Mac, Mobile

When it comes to games that are easy to pick up and play in as little as five minutes, there’s very little to rival casino games. Whilst roulette and poker certainly don’t pay much attention to the animal kingdom, there are a group of online crypto casino games that do and those are online slots. Slot games take huge inspiration from the animal world and perhaps no slot is more so than Golden Buffalo.

This slot revolves around the animals that call the American Prairie their home. The majestic American buffalo is the star of the reels, acting as a wild symbol that can turn into any other symbol to help you score a win. Alongside the buffalo, you’ll find a selection of other American animals on the reels, including maybe the best-known symbol of freedom, the bald eagle, a cunning and devious coyote, the master of disguise, the elusive bobcat, and plenty more besides. If you’re unfamiliar with slot games, then this is a simple format to start with. The user interface is incredibly easy to understand and there’s even a free-to-play mode if you’d like to practice without wagering any money.

Pokemon Go – Mobile

It doesn’t seem possible that it was seven years ago that Pokemon Go was released. This mobile game catapulted augmented reality to the forefront of the tech conversation and years later, it’s still being enjoyed by millions of players. One of the greatest aspects of this game is that it’s entirely free to play. You can download for Android or iOS and catch thousands of different Pokemon, Simply open the app, start walking around your neighborhood, and see which Pokemon you bump into. Once you find a Pokemon, you can use a Poke ball to catch it and add it to your collection.

If you want to embrace another level of gameplay, then you can train up your Pokemon by battling against other trainers. Eventually, when your Pokemon becomes strong enough you might even be able to become a gym leader! Another way that people make this game more competitive is by searching for the very rarest Pokemon. You can buy lures to attract these Pokemon to you if you don’t mind parting with a bit of real money to get ahead of the competition.

Untitled Goose Game – PC, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

Sometimes we just need to indulge in something a little silly and Untitled Goose Game is exactly that. This game has charming graphics that are super pared back and pretty darn cute. You’ll take the role of a very naughty goose who’s out to cause chaos in the world. This game has a strong logic element, with puzzles getting more fiendishly difficult as time goes on. Initially, you’ll be honking at people to make them fall in the water, but later you’ll be attempting multi-stage heists using all yourgumption to get the results that you need.

Controls can be a little fiddly on PC, but with the gentle increase in difficulty of the various challenges, you’ll never feel out of your depth. This game really is a breath of fresh air in what can be the quite serious world of video gaming. So, if you’ve got a silly sense of humor and you’ve always secretly harbored the urge to be a naughty goose, this is the game for you.

Planet Zoo – Windows

For those that enjoy wild animals of all shapes and sizes, there’s only one choice, Planet Zoo. This game invites you to take on the role of a zoo manager. You can adopt animals, create habitats to suit their needs, and cross your fingers that they’ll be happy enough with your attempts to have babies. Along the way, you’ll need to employ staff to look after both your animals and your guests, as well as build facilities to help your zoo make it to five-star status.

This game puts a real emphasis on conservation and the challenges that are facing wild animals in the world today. Its development team is super active, and since the release of the game in 2019, have released 11 new expansion packs. This has kept the game feeling fresh with new buildings and animals to choose from, perfect for those gamers who like to get really stuck into a game, without ever feeling like they’ve completed it.

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