PS1 Hagrid Meme Explained

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The PS1 Hagrid memes means it surely has something to do with our favorite Hagrid from Harry Potter.  The Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released on PlayStation earlier in 2001. The same is the case with many HP memes, this one came to life many, many years later, over a decade, in fact. The funny accent saying  “Haggord: You dun it nao Arry Porrer” meme which is the original PS1 Hagrid began back in 2012. In this article we will talk about who is this PS1 Hagrid although it sounds to me like the one from Harry Potter and we will also explain what it means. Know now Who is PS1 Hagrid? 

Why PS1 Hagrid Looked so Funny?

If you could think of the graphics we used to back in the early 2000s were, at the time, was quite progressive- Think of GTA Vice City. But of course it has only progressed as the years rolled and now it is sharper and more vivid that the industry standards are now today. In the early 2000s, the polygon technology was used in game designing. As a result there were quite a lot of funny-looking characters across the games. However, whoever was making the polygon model for Haggard which is the meme name for Hagrid- he/she really didn’t think things through as it seems. It could also be the cause of a huge limitation in the engine that didn’t allow better shape forming for Hagrid’s head.


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Why We Won’t See Such Memes In Recent Games

PS1 Hagrid is a main character of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. He exists as a groundskeeper that gives the player a handful of quests throughout to solve. During a Let’s Play video on YouTube, Benzaie, the French content creator used the following image he made as a meme.

ps1 hagrid, hagrid meme, psi hagrid memes, who is ps1 hagrid, haggard,harry potter, haggard harry potter, haggard meme, freerewards

Here if you see the post Haggard (the meme name for Hagrid) does look like a blobfish in this photo and most of the time when you encounter him. However, this technology responsible for a funny, weird, blobfish look-alike Hagrid was just a stepping stone towards more serious gaming graphic engines and incidents like this weren’t around for long since the industry’s growth and development went on improving rapidly in the early 2000s. Now gaming industries use updated graphic engines like Unreal, CryEngine 3, Torque, and GDevelop to name few. These engines yields a far superior quality graphics that develops real life like gaming characters thus, improving the experience of gamers in every way possible.

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