Piggy Go Free Dice – Daily Game Coins, Spin, Rewards, Gifts, Coupon code

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The Piggy Go Free Dice – Daily Game Coins, Spin, Rewards, Gifts, Coupon code – This game required a lot of Dices, spins and Gold Coins. Piggy Go Free Gold Coins are used to complete your city. And Dice are used to playing Piggy Go Game and collecting Free Rewards gifts like dice, gold coin and card box. All Piggy Go fan’s are daily visit piggy go game Facebook pages and collect free dice and free gold links. There are a lot of ways you can collect piggy go free dices & gold gifts. Collect All Other Game Links .

How can we get Free dice in a piggy go game?

On a Piggy Go game screen there is a wheel on the left side. Click on the wheel and watch 30 second’s video advertisement and you can get up-to 25 spins. After completing the video advertisement and get one free dice.

You can watch 3 time’s ads Per day that means a total of 3 dice free per day. From the free dice wheel you can get FreeRewards gifts  like 50K Gold, 25 Dices, 2 Dices, 30 Tickets, 25K Gold, 8 Dices, 10 Tickets, 200k Gold Coins, 1 Dice and last gits is 625K Gold Coins.

  • Build Piggy Go village or city

Complete each level or we can say complete your City/village and get amazing prizes like free piggy go free dice, gold coins and cards.

  • Piggy Go Lili’s Kitchen

Every seven days there is a Lili’s Kitchen event. In the event , collect all foods ( Butter, Sugar, Cream, Egg, Berry, Flour) and use all five foods to complete the cook to collect a free 3M gold coin and 30 dice in a piggy go game.

  • Invite Friends to play Piggy Go Game

Piggy go Fan’s Member’s time you have no dice to Invite Friends and collect 50 Dices. Your friends are first- time to join a piggy go game to collect 50 dice. Only the first time join time to collect reward no second time. Successfully inviting 6 friends can get a fireman outfit. Friends must get 25 stars to collect the below prices.
No. 1 50 dice available
No. 2 50 dice available
No. 3 200 dice available
No. 4 50 dice available
No. 5 50 dice available
No. 6 200 dice available
Piggy go game friends invite prices will be reset in 4 days.

Daily Gift on Facebook Page Piggy Go

Piggy go game is a daily Free Dices and Gold Rewards Link post on the Facebook page. All piggy go fans member’s daily visit the piggy go game Facebook page and Collect Dices and Gold free Links. If you are not free just join our telegram groups and you get all gits notification t. Collect daily piggy go free dice and gold link. Daily New Free Rewards notification link update to you receive in piggy go game .



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