PayTM Holi Bash Offer – Collect The Cards & Get Upto Rs10000 Free PayTM Cash

Holi Dhamaka Offer in PAYTM – Win Up-to ₹10,000 on Collecting All Card.

PayTM Holi Bash Offer

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How To Collect All Cards in PayTM Holi & Get Rs10,000 Free PayTM Cash

Paytm Holi Bash OfferCollect Paytm Holi Bash CardsHow To Play Paytm Holi GameHow To Collect Paytm Holi Cards, Paytm launched New offer in Holy festivals that collect all cards and win up-to Rupess Ten Thousand PAYTM Cash In this Holy on 2021. Collect Sixteen Holy Bash Cards and win up-to ₹10,000, If you collect at least four Bash Cards then you can earned up-to RS.500.  And if you collect all card then you guaranteed earne a minimum of ₹700 or above.

This is Biggest time for all members to earned Free Rs.10,000 Paytm Cash and it will credited to paytm wallet. Offer is  from 3rd March 2021 to 31st March 2021. So, now collect all Holi Bash Cards and Earned Paytm Cash in Paytm Holi Dhamaka.

Hello Friends, Now new loot is available on PayTM that collect all Holi Bash Cards Offer from today and earned PAYTM Cash up-to Rs.10,000. If it’s not showing in your PAYTM App. Then update your Application and try again.

We ll explain you,  How to Collect PAYTM Holi Bash Cards, Stickers  to win free Paytm cash to celebrate on this Holi 2021 in March. 

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PayTM Holi Bash Cards :

No. PayTM Holi Bash Cards Cards 1 Cards 2 Cards 3 Cards 4
1 Colours Gulaal Chandan Glitter Muddy Puddle
2 Holi Kit Pichkari Baloons Eggs Water Bucket
3 Sweets Gujiya Thandai Puran Poli Coconut Barfi
4 Celebration Holi Wali Selfie Holika Dehen Holi Party Rain Dance

How To Collect Paytm Holi Bash Cards:

  1. Download Latest Paytm App.
  2. Login Paytm Wallet.
  3. Click on your Icon in PAYTM App
  4.  After that click on CashBack and Offers or  Click Here
  5. Click on Enter Game to participate in this game. 
  6. Perform below each task to collect all Holi cards…
    How to Collect Paytm Holi Bash Cards –  Official Ways…..
    1.  Gulaal Card : – Pay  Landline/Electricity/Credit Card bill of ₹1000 or more.
    2.  Chandan Card : – Check in Daily for 5 Times and Get 
    3.  Glitter Card : –
    Pay Water/ Gas / DTH bill of ₹100 or more. 
    4.  Muddy Puddle Card : –
    Recharge Mobile for of ₹48 or more.
    5. Pichkari Card : – Send ₹50 or more.
    6. Balloons Card : –
    Send ₹50 or more from bank account.
    7. Eggs Card : –
    Send ₹50 or more from bank account. 
    8. Water Bucket Card : –
    Send ₹50 or more from bank account.
    9. Gujiya Card Free : –
    Sign up On PayTM Holi Bash Offer Get 
    10. Thandai Card : –
    Pay ₹25 or more at near by stores.
    11. Puran Poli Card : –
    Pay ₹25 or more at near by shops or Bus.
    12. Coconut Barafi Card : –
    Pay ₹25 or more at near by stores. 
    13. Holi Wali Selfie Card :-
    Add ₹501 or more to paytm wallet.
    14. Holika Dehen Card :-
    Gift any item to a friend. 
    15. Holi Party Card : –
    Check in on Fridays.
    16. Rain Dance Card :-
    Shop ₹100 or more to your favorite apps to collect 

  7. After collecting 16 Holi cards, You will get cashback up to ₹10,000 in Paytm wallet.
  8. If you have any extra Holi bash cards then share them with your friends and you will get a surprise Holi Bash Card. 

Paytm Holi Offer Rewards List:

Colors – Collect All “Colors” Cards and win up-to ₹1,000.
Holi Kit – Collect All “Holi Kit” Cards and Win Voucher of Movie

Sweets – Collect All “Sweets” Cards and Win Voucher of Myntra.
Celebration – Collect All “Celebration” Cards and win up-to ₹1,000. 
Mid Way Delights – Collect Any 8 Holi Bash Cards and Win up-to ₹1,000.

Holi Dhamaka – Collect all Holi Bash Cards and Win up-to ₹7,000.

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