M31 – Escape Room Adventure Mystery (Beta) Walkthrough

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M31 – Escape Room Adventure Mystery (Beta) Walkthrough

We will move today instantly to reveal you walkthrough of M31 – Escape Room Adventure Mystery (Beta).. in fact our team did a high-quality activity to remedy it and provide all the stuff full of walkthrough. That is what we are dedicated to do aiming to help players that stuck in a game. This handful topic will supply the records to reinforce you without hassle to the next mission.

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M31 – Escape Room Adventure Mystery Walkthrough

Sport story of M31 – Escape Room Adventure Mystery:

Euan dermont invented a portal tool so as to assist us to travel from one vicinity to some other within a fraction of seconds.
The worldwide vehicle affiliation located about this and wants to know whether or not this clearly works or no longer.
So they appointed a secret agent named scott hale to accumulate euan’s invention element. Also, they supplied a completely unique robotic to scott. Scott went to euan’s workplace and gathered data approximately his discovery. When he gave details to gilbert, he changed into taken aback because it would have an effect on vehicle professionalism.

Escape Room Adventure Mystery
So they made a fake complaint approximately euan’s discovery and banned his venture. Euan determined to take revenge on scott, so he placed a portal tool in scott’s vehicle. However sadly, scott’s son and nova were given trapped with him in the andromeda galaxy.
Later euan found out his mistake due to the fact he got here to understand that, scott is most effective a undercover agent who got arranged by way of gilbert, so he helped them through the robotic through giving the alerts to it.
He requested them to carry the orb from every other international, which may be very rare and it gives the electricity to his portal, so the 3 went on locating the orb. After finding the orb they attempted to contact euan.
However gilbert showed up through the robot due to the fact the gifted robotic is being hacked from the beginning and now they have captured euan also.
Gilbert warned that they are able to’t go back to earth. After the projected message, nova the robot were given blasted. Euan turned into imprisoned by means of the police officers. Scott and his son were given trapped in there. In the next component how they return to earth without the assist of euan and nova the robot. Will they go back to earth?

Features of M31 – Escape Room Adventure Mystery:
* 50 levels with 80 puzzles totally free to play.
* Embrace yourself for an Extraordinary Journey.
* Solve the Riddles to Save yourself.
* Explore the worlds in Andromeda Galaxy.
* Learn about Alien Technology.
* Solve the Stunning Puzzles.


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