Importance of Pressure Control for Medical Gases Used in Hospitals

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As we know that medical gases are used in hospitals to provide quality treatment. These gases are stored in the gas cylinders at high pressure. Therefore, the pressure must be controlled accurately. When the pressure of the gas reaches a certain level then it needs to be handled with great care and should be delivered as per the set value of the doctor. For controlling this pressure electronic air pressure regulator is used commonly. 

Nowadays, medical gases are widely used in hospitals as a life-saving element. This means a great level of accuracy and precision is required in handling these gases. This precision is achieved with the help of an electronic pressure regulator.

Role of Pressure Regulators in Controlling the Pressure of Medical Gases:

Medical Air:

Medical air means clean compressed air that is commonly used in hospitals for respiration. This air is totally free from dust particles and contamination and is dry. Today, surgeons rely on this medical air to keep their patients comfortable and make them breathe easily. The source of the medical air system is connected to the distribution system and a digital pressure controller. This device delivers the required pressure of the medical air to the patient so that the patient can breathe comfortably. 


Oxygen is used as one of the essential medical gas in hospitals. It is commonly used in resuscitation and inhalation therapy. The medical conditions in which it is used include cyanosis, shock, severe haemorrhage, carbon monoxide poisoning, trauma, cardiovascular and respiratory arrest etc. Oxygen is stored in the cylinders. An electronic pressure control valve is installed on the cylinder to provide a precise flow and pressure of oxygen according to the need of the patient. 

Carbon Dioxide:

In hospitals, carbon dioxide is used for the surgery of the patients. It plays an important part by blowing into the body cavity. Carbon Dioxide helps to enlarge and stabilize the cavity for providing easy access and making the areas visible where surgery has to perform. Any kind of pressure inflation during this process can be very harmful to the patients. So to handle the pressure of this gas electronic air pressure regulator is widely used. This type of gas is also helpful in providing respirator simulation when mixed with oxygen during anaesthesia. 


Nitrogen gas is used in the absence of instrument air to power medical tools. This gas comes from cylinders and travels through the pipes to the medical device. To run the medical tools efficiently it requires to be regulated on the set value of the pressure so that the tool can perform its task correctly. An overpowered or under-power tool will not provide the right results. That’s why a low pressure air regulator with gauge is used to maintain the required pressure.

Nitrous Oxide:

This medical gas is also known as the laughing gas. Dentists started using this gas in 1812 as an analgesic. It has been used in various surgical procedures as an anaesthetic and analgesic. As a medical gas, it is still used in operating rooms for running various equipment and devices when utilized on a specific pressure with the help of an electronic air regulator. 

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Final Words:

In hospitals, the pressure of the medical gases needs to be managed with great care because they serve various important roles in the treatment of patients as we have discussed above. An electronic air pressure regulator is very useful for controlling and managing the pressure of medical gases.  

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