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Fatal to the Flesh, Fatal to the Flesh website, fataltotheflesh.com, how to use Fatal to the Flesh, freerewards

Fatal to the Flesh is an online mind diversion game. It is designed for people looking to cause self-harm to keep their minds distracted. Keeping their minds busy by providing real life simulation tasks with visual outputs. Fatal to the Flesh Website is a website created by Rafael Rozendaal in 2004 By Booking Fataltotheflesh.com Published Domain. In this article, we will talk about this unique website and how it helps those in need. This Website is Very Popular around the world, especially in India, Africa, America, Bangladesh, and many other countries.

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How To Fatal To The Flesh

When you open the Fatal To The Flesh website you see a white blank page that’s it. You might get confused & feel as if the page is not loading. But that is the design of the interface. This website actually lets people show up their Modeling Activity through the Website. The magic begins when you press & drag your cursor. You can draw anything, any shape on the blank white page by moving your mouse cursor. It is even more fun when you are using it on a touchscreen device like a smartphone or laptop. The entire idea of this site comes from cutting meat and as blood gushes out from the area of the cut.  When people get angry and feel self harming for getting satisfaction they are cutting flesh and they can decrease their anxiety.

Fatal to the Flesh, Fatal to the Flesh website, fataltotheflesh.com, how to use Fatal to the Flesh, freerewards

How To Use Fatal To The Flesh On Mobile Or PC

1. This website is accessible on any device with a good internet connection.

2.  You can visit the link here and visit the Fatal To The Flesh website.

3. At the beginning you will see a blank page as the page opens up. Move your cursor and Draw any thing you wish.

4. Maybe you drew a heart and then cut through it, you will see blood dropping from the picture.

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This is a simulation technique that helps to create an emotional blockage. So that the users don’t make fatal choices causing danger to their lives. The goal of the website is to prevent self harm, suicidal thoughts and protect someone from self-injury. Instead of causing injury to the self this site provides a blank canvas to vent out the feelings & leave a mark there instead. It resembles the human body. The red markings and the blood dripping from every cut, make the cuts more real and natural. This can help the brain to get some kind of satisfaction it is looking for.

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Know More About Fatal To The Flesh
  • When someone visits the website, it redirects them to a blank empty page with no details whatsoever. This first made me reload the page once as I was confused. But then how to use Fatal to the Flesh. What you see is the website’s beauty.
  • You start to make marks on the paper will depend on the movement of the cursor.
  • The faster a user moves the cursor, it shows a deeper cut. More blood droplets will release from the cut.
  • It has gained a trust score of 67%. The positive aspect is due to the fact that the website is old and can be easily accessed through HTTPS protocol.
  • There is no information available about the website’s creator or team but the idea behind the creation of this website is noble.


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