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Coin Dozer is the most-played free game of all time. Here you drop gold coins onto the dozer that pushes piles of cash and prices in your way. However, there are chances of dozing your prizes off the side. Noi worry! Here is the best Coin Dozer Strategy that will teach you a lot about gameplay. This game is available on all Android devices.

This game is more preferably for multi-tasking people. Means playing while at the same time doing other work on your PC/Laptop. However, keep in mind to avoid stalling progress until the current ad is closed. Here are some Coin Dozer strategy for you.

Complete the Quests

Each day the game gives you a set of quests that awards exciting rewards after completing them all. These quests requires completion of the game’s natural objectives such as collecting prizes, puzzle pieces,etc. You can spend 3 Dozer Dollars to instantly skip any quest that seems too difficult for you to accomplish. If you can complete all three daily quests, you will be rewarded with a chest that can randomly give you a variety of prizes. These include Coin Dozer free coins, prizes, and even keys.

Coin Dazer, Coin Dazer strategy 2021, Coin Dozer free coins, coin dozer Sweepstakes,Coin Dozer tips & tricks, coin dazer tips,

Know how to Drop your Coins

In Coin Dozer: Sweepstakes if you want to play efficiently to maximize your rewards, then you will need to start strategically dropping your coins to the right spots. Do not just repeatedly tap one spot of the screen to drop coins because this will just cause the coins to stack up. This will also restrict the dropped coins to cover and push one part of the coin pusher machine. An evenly spread coins across the “broom” ensures that the coins push every area of the pile of coins closer to the front edge of the broom.

Participate in Events

Coin Dozer tips & tricks coin Dozer Sweepstakes has special themed events where plenty of awesome rewards can be won. These event rewards range from special coins to reward chests that contain prizes. So don’t waste the opportunity to claim them. More coin Dozer tips include collecting a good number of coins in order to unlock the prizes.

Playing the Fortune Wheel

You can test your luck by playing the fortune wheel if you need more coins to drop or Dozer Dollars to spend boosters on. You will receive one free fortune spin wheel every day. Obviously, you can earn more spins by dropping fortune wheel tokens (indicated by cyan coins with a fortune wheel icon) to the front edge of the coin pusher, or watch a short ad, or buy more spins from the in-game shop that requires real money.

Use Shake when Necessary

A very useful feature in Coin Dozer: Sweepstakes is Shakes. It allows you to force coins and prizes to fall off the edge without the need for further coins to push them. You need to fill up the Shake Meter first before shaking the coin pusher machine. A completely filled meter gives a strong effect. So aim for that. Only use Shake when there are plenty of coins piled on the machine which if lacking in coins or prizes will just waste it.

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