Amber’s Airline – High Hopes ✈️ Walkthrough

Amber’s Airline – High Hopes ✈️ Walkthrough

We will move today instantly to reveal you walkthrough of Amber’s Airline – High Hopes ✈️ Walkthrough. In fact our team did a high-quality activity to remedy it and provide all the stuff full of walkthrough. That is what we are dedicated to do aiming to help players that stuck in a game. This handful topic will supply the records to reinforce you without hassle to the next mission.
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Amber’s Airline – High Hopes ✈️

In Amber’s Airline – High Hopes ✈️ – High Hopes, you’ll get a style of the glamorous lifestyles of a flight attendant.

Meet Amber Hope, aspiring stewardess for Snuggford Airlines. Amber has dreamed of flying to special locations round the world because she used to be a girl. But before she can be part of the elite crew of air hostesses, she’ll need to skip her exams. That’s no longer going to be easy, and she’ll need your help. Amber’s Airline – High Hopes ✈️

✈️Be transported by a clearly superb story of love and loss
✈️Fly thru 60 travel-themed levels, and 30 extra challenging levels
✈️Explore the world and get a behind-the scenes look at airport lifestyles with 6 unique locations
✈️Master 18 mini games that cowl each and every element of flying – from check-in to protection checks, suitcases to passports, security demonstrations to serving passengers
✈️Fasten your seatbelt for amazing, all-new cinematics
✈️Experience what it’s like to be a real flight attendant – the ups and the downs
✈️”Unfasten” Amber’s diary and find out her secret ideas as you earn sport goals
✈️Customize Amber’s diary through earning diamonds and make it your own with tour stickers and one-of-a-kind covers

Amber’s Airline – High Hopes ✈️ All Video Available

Amber’s Airline – High Hopes ✈️
Amber’s life seems wonderful. She shares her condo with her pet fish, Sushi. She loves her job and desires of the day she’ll be on an airplane, a full-fledged cabin attendant supporting travellers. The probabilities are endless – “the sky is the limit” as they say. But appearances can be deceiving…
Amber’s Airline – High Hopes 
Everything is overshadowed by means of what took place in her childhood and she can’t break out her past. Her lingering guilt and worry are protecting her returned from accomplishing the very aspect she is attempting to achieve.
Amber’s Airline – High Hopes 
When her plane crashes, Amber is pressured to face her fears. As you’ve heard time and once more at some point of safety demonstrations, Amber will have to help herself before she can assist others. Is she up to the task?

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