Adventure Story 2 Dreamland Walkthrough

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Adventure Story 2 Dreamland Walkthrough

We will cross these days right away to reveal you walkthrough of Adventure Story 2 Dreamland Walkthrough. Our group did a Supper activity to remedy it and provide all the stuff full of walkthrough. That is what we are devoted to do aiming to help players that stuck in a game. This handful topic will grant the information to make stronger you besides problem to the subsequent mission.
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Adventure Story 2 Dreamland

Everyone has a weakness, our Chingu has two! Sleep and Candies. So what takes place when he sleeps and goals about candies.

Jump into a world of total fun and adventure, from a Green Island to a Pirate Ship and from the Bunny Land to the Candy Land. Chingu is all set to drift through his remarkable cute candy dreams. They say goals come true, however so do nightmares.

• Experience an exciting combine of exciting and exploration.
• Lots of bosses and gorgeous lovable enemies to defeat.
• Set off on a dreamy adventure with amazing visuals.
• Smooth controls.
• Funny animations supply existence to all the characters.



User Reviews :-

why every chapter wants internet connection to download and then it open? im sick off to download chapters again and again😠😡..Tell me what can i do..?


I love this game it can make me happy when im bored, verry interested then download it, so you can be happy like me

in lst level only i got 6000 by egg i trowed it in 1 place it is rowling only i was jumping on the egg i got so much money and 200 lifes

Another great game, love the option to place the controls where there are more comfortable for me

The most addictive game which I played ever. Everything is perfect, except heating problem of my samsung phone. Many Thanks to developer team for developing such nice game.

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